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Should you borrow your wedding dress?

There is no doubt that the bride has the key role on the wedding day. Everything is about her and the wedding dress. So should you borrow your wedding dress? Well, you are the one that would make the final decision, based on how you feel, look, and if it matches your taste and style.

If you are in the early stages of planning, my previous post might give you some direction (click here to read it). Here are a couple of borrowed wedding dress scenarios, the common denominator being that it has meaning to the bride-to-be.

Wedding dresses that pass down from generations in the family

I have had clients whose families kept the tradition of passing the wedding dress down from generations. They embrace that tradition and it is full of meaning to them, which is very important for a bride on her wedding day. Other brides take the passed down wedding dress and transform it or do a few alterations to it to make it look more current. Also, when the dress doesn't match the bride's taste, or for some reason it doesn't fit, some brides cut a piece of the dress and incorporate in to their new dress. That way, they feel that they have kept the tradition alive.

Friendship wedding dress

The wedding dress from C and P’s wedding has a really sweet story and is an example of ways to share a wedding dress. The bride grew up with her 2 best friends in Colombia, and eventually, life took them in different directions, actually different countries. Even though they lived thousands of miles apart, they have still remained very close to each other. They made a promise that they would get married with the same wedding dress. The wedding dress had been made in Mexico with fabrics imported from Spain. The first of the three friends to wear the dress got married in Colombia. Not long after, the dress traveled to the U.S. for the second friend’s wedding. As I write this post, the dress is being kept preserved for the moment it needs to travel to its final destination for the third friend’s wedding day.

Do you have any unique stories that you would like to share? If so, please leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear them!

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