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How to create the color palette for your wedding

I am going to start by saying that there is no right or wrong answer when selecting the colors for your wedding palette. A piece of advice, choose colors that make you feel good and evoke positive emotions deep inside you. It is true that colors are like fashion, in that they have trends and come and go. Some couples love vibrant colors and others prefer muted tones, and that’s ok as long as it means something to you both. If you are in the early stages of planning you might want to take a look you our previous post here.

Defining your wedding color palette

wedding chromatic color scheme

Colors play another key role in the planning process. It is important that you make your color selection in the early stages of the planning so you can have a cohesive overall look. Everything is linked to the color selection from the bigger to the minute details – linens, place settings, stationary, dresses, flowers, accessories, etc. You can communicate a lot of things depending on the palette of colors you select, including the season when the wedding will take place, how formal or informal it is, the style and many others.

There is color in everything we see, so don't be afraid to mix colors, even if there is a color that doesn't really go with the hues of your selection. You can always find creative ways to incorporate it into your wedding. It can be in a signature drink, in the flowers on the cake to give it a pop of color, on the wedding favors, and even in the bouquet.

How to select the wedding colors?

We help our couples recognize two to three colors that would be the main colors, and then we select the unifier colors. When our couples are unsure where to start, we like asking them about the colors they love, the colors they typically wear, and the color selection in their home. Sometimes going back to the basics is a great starting point. The options and possibilities are endless, and you can find inspiration from tons of design sources, including ones that are not typically used for weddings.

Here are some examples of wedding color palettes.

Seasonal Color Palettes

Another way to make a color selection can be based on the time of the year the wedding is happening. Spring and Summer may use pastel and bright colors while Fall and Winter seasons will most likely include bold color palettes that can be unified with metallics to create the perfect combination.

  • Spring/Summer Mood Board

For this Spring/Summer mood board I picked coral and mint to be the main colors and used gold, white and baby blue to balance the palette. It is a beautiful color scheme for an outdoor wedding in late spring or early summer.

spring summer wedding inspiration

Photo Credits: From top left to right Lemonade Pictures, Carrie Patterson Photography, Nastia Vesna Photography, Anya Kernes Photography, Greg Finck,Jessi Nichols

  • Fall/Winter Mood Board

This Fall/Winter mood board is full of character and bold colors from burgundy/merlot to emerald. A great way to compliment these colors would be with a hint of fresh green along with warm candles to give that romantic touch and feel. Also, I love how the flowers emphasize the rustic accent on the semi-naked cake.

fall winter wedding inspiration

Photo Credits: From top left to right Lane Collins Photography, Image via Pinterest, Image via Betty Lu Paperie, Image via Pinterest, Izzy + Co, Josh and Dana Fernandez

Neutral color palette

This timeless muted palette is perfect for anytime of the year. On this mood board, ivory, dusty rose, gold and green are working together to create a subtle organic yet elegant look.

organic wedding inspiration

Photo Credits from top left to right: Amanda Wei Photo, Alix Gould Photography, Image via Pinterest, Image via Pinterest, Life Long Studios, Sisterlee Photography

Trendy color palette

If you like trends, then you might already know that Pantone introduced Classic Blue as their color of the year in 2020. Pantone described it as elegant in its simplicity. For this mood board, I worked with gold as a unifier color, and let the white accentuate the blue as the star of the show.

pantone classic blue wedding inspiration

Photo Credits from top left to right: Image via Pinterest, Image via Pinterest, Image via Pinterest, Honey Gem Creative, Ashely Relvas Photography, Image via Orange Blossom Bride

I hope you have found these ideas helpful and have given you some ideas. If you need some guidance during the planning process contact us to learn how we could team up and create something amazing.

Have a sweet day,

Cristina Mantua – Owner and Lead Designer at HWE

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